There are many advantages for ICL compared to LASIK for high degrees, especially over 1000 degrees. As there is no removal of cornea tissue and alteration to the cornea shape, there is superior vision quality compared to LASIK.

There will be less night vision phenomena such as haloes and starbursts, which may be significant and permanent in LASIK for high myopia.

There will also be little/no dry eye syndrome, which is common side effect of LASIK surgery.

ICL has a wide treatment range of even up to 2,100 degrees, making refractive surgery available to people who were once rejected.

ICL surgery is reversible, so that if there are any side effects, the artificial lens can be easily removed.

Recovery time of this procedure is fast, patients can resume normal activities in 1 to 2 days after surgery. There is little fluctuation or stabilisation time as there is only a small 3mm incision at the side of the cornea, not affecting your field of vision. Many patients can achieve almost perfect vision within 1 week.