Implantable contact lenses are usually reserved for people with very high refractive errors (e.g. those above 1000 degrees), or people who are not suitable for LASIK due to high degrees or very thin corneas. For people with very high degrees, night vision phenomena (e.g. haloes and starbursts) tend to be more obvious. In these patients, implantable contact lenses may have the advantage that these visual symptoms are not as noticeable compared to LASIK surgery.

Why Visian® ICL?

After determining your suitability for ICL surgery, the Visian lens will be custom made according to your prescription.  Your earliest surgery date will be 1 week from your initial Eye Assessment as your tailor made lens will be imported from Switzerland/ USA.

Originated from Switzerland and USA, The Visian® lens are FDA approved. Made of a proprietary material (Collamer) used exclusively by STAAR Surgical*, it is biocompatible with our eyes as Collamer is similar to collagen, which is a soft and flexible structure that fits and feel natural in your eyes.

Visian ICL Provides Superior “High Definition” Quality of Vision

  • High Definition Visian™ – optimised vision correction experience that’s sharper, clearer, more vivid, and has greater depth and dimension
  • The Visian ICL is made from an advanced technology lens material which provides unique optical performance and unparalleled quality of vision. Plus it’s made from the body-friendly material collagen, which prevents the lens from being identified as a foreign object, allowing it to remain unnoticed in the eye forever
  • Distortions such as glare, halos, and poor night vision are proven far less common with Visian ICL than with LASIK.