Presbyopia or commonly known as “Lao Hua” is a condition where the eye loses the ability to accommodate and focus at near objects. This occurs as part of the normal aging process which presents usually from the age of 40 onwards. It is a result of an age-related decrease in the elasticity of the lens and weakening of the muscles of accommodation. The person starts having difficulty seeing near objects and begins holding them further away. It is worse with dim lighting. Distance vision is unaffected.

Monovision LASIK can help to overcome Presbyopia or “Lao Hua”. This treatment option allows for one eye to be corrected for distance vision, and the less dominant eye to be corrected for near vision. During your Pre-LASIK evaluation and consultation with the doctor, you will be able to experience the Monovision LASIK with trial lenses to see if you are comfortable with how Monovision works.

Suitability for this procedure will be discussed with the doctor after completing the Pre-LASIK evaluation test.