Computer Eye Strain Relief – Computer Vision Syndrome

For many cosmopolitan citizens, it is very common to use computers to do at work and mobile phones or tablets to shop online, watch films and play video games. Many people are aware that the long-time use of a computer may hurt their eyesight. But how can people improve their vision if computer use is inevitable?

Here is some advice from a local ophthalmologist. 

Doctor Daphne Han, the medical director and consultant of the Eye Center of the Singapore Medical Group, said in an interview by Living A Better Life that it is an undeniable fact that people rely more and more on their eyes in modern day life. There are some people who even believe that “they cannot go on living without computers and cell phones”.

Therefore, some people may overuse these digital devices, leading to vision problems.

Doctor Han goes on to further explain the problems that may occur to people of different ages.



Myopia is easily caused by long-time focus at close range. The earlier someone gets myopia, the higher one’s myopic degree will be when the person grows up, and in return the higher the chance will be that this person will suffer syndromes which are closely related to high myopia, such as glaucoma, cataract and amotio retinae caused by retinopathy.



During the “stressful” periods of time, such as when preparing for exams, teenagers may become too tense and focus their eyes too much, thus twitches of the ciliary body in their eyes may make them “get stuck” on focusing. This needs time to recover and some may even be required to see doctors and take medicine.


Grown-ups and the elderly

They may easily get presbyopia and xerophthalmia due to eye fatigue. Fortunately, most patients who get these diseases are not in a serious condition and are fine with presbyopic glasses and eye drops.


Long-time computer use may cause vision problems

Let your eyes take a break for at least 20 seconds

If you cannot avoid using the computer for a long period, how can you maintain or improve your eyesight? Doctor Han gives the following suggestions:


Change the height of your computer

The top of the computer should better be 10cm below eye level. This distance enables a rather relaxed posture of hands, the neck and shoulder. Also, the upper eyelid can also be in a lower position, thus reducing the exposure of the eye surface, and helping with the prevention of xerophthalmia.


Try to rest your eyes

If you have to face the computer screen for a long time, say, 8 to 10 hours continuously, you should remind yourself of giving at least a 20-second rest to your eyes after every 15 to 20 minutes, and try to look into the distance or close your eyes.


Do more outdoor activities

The kids should especially be encouraged to participate in more outdoor activities to reduce the chance of getting myopia.

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Dr Daphne Han
She is highly skilled in an extensive range of refractive, cataract, lens implant and general ophthalmic procedures. In Singapore and Asia, Dr Han teaches LASIK and ReLEx® SMILE, cataract surgery and general ophthalmology to fellow doctors.

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