Besides wearing cumbersome reading glasses, there are various Presbyopia treatment options available.

Monovision LASIK: 
Monovision is one treatment option for presbyopia, however it compromises distance vision for the non-dominant eye. Monovision means correcting for distance vision in the dominant eye, and correcting for near vision in the non-dominant eye. This allows a person with presbyopia to see distance and near vision at the same time without any vision aids or reading glasses.

It is very important for the patient to understand the concept of monovision before proceeding with treatment, as some patients may not adapt to monovision so well. At our centre, during your eye assessment, our optometrist will prepare the appropriate trial lenses for you to try on. This gives you an actual simulation of the possible monovision outcome. Our eye specialist will also be able to answer any of your concerns and queries regarding the suitability of monovision refractive surgery before you choose whether or not to proceed with monovision correction with refractive surgery.

If you require more time to consider before making a decision, you may also try on monovision contact lens during your daily activities and decide if you are comfortable with the possible monovision outcome.

Prescriptive Spectacles or Contact Lens:
Presbyopia (Lao Hua) can be corrected with prescriptive glasses or contact lens with bifocals or multifocals correction. These lenses will allow you to see far and near distance, especially if you have existing refractive errors such as Myopia (short-sightedness) and Astigmatism.


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