The KXL® System achieves Accelerated Cross-Linking in just minutes by increasing the UVA power and reducing the exposure time while maintaining the same total energy on the eye as standard cross-linking.

Procedures performed with the KXL System include Accelerated Cross-Linking and LASIK Xtra. These procedures have the potential to:

• Enhance LASIK surgery outcomes
• Restore corneal strength
• Stops the progression of keratoconus and ectasia
• Slow or eliminate the development of acute keratoconus

Lasik Xtra is 3-minute procedure performed during LASIK eye surgery and is comprised of the following steps:

1. LASIK eye surgery performed as usual
2. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) eye drops are applied to the cornea
3. The riboflavin-soaked cornea is illuminated with ultra-violet A (UVA) light
4. The light cross-links the collagen fibers within the cornea, making it stronger


· Recommended by leading eye surgeons around the world
· Non-invasive, fast
· Performed during your LASIK procedure
· Clinically-tested

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