ReLEx® SMILE is an all-in-one laser procedure that takes about 10 minutes to perform on one eye. The actual laser process takes only about 30 seconds to complete.

The entire ReLEx® SMILE is performed with gentle, low suction such that vision is preserved with no “black out” phenomenon, unlike other laser refractive procedures.

Step 1

In a single step, the VisuMax takes about 30 seconds to precisely create a refractive lenticule (a thin lens shaped cornea tissue) within the cornea inner layers & a small 4mm incision on the intact cornea surface.

Step 2

The refractive lenticule is then removed through the small incision. Cornea structure remains undisrupted & stable.

Step 3

The removal of the refractive lenticule changes the way light bends into the eye, allowing you to see clearly once again. The micro incision self heals.


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