Before you decide to go ahead with LASIK or any refractive surgery, you will need to undergo an eye assessment and consultation. A comprehensive series of test will be carried out for 2-3 hours.

Ziemer GALILEI™ Dual Scheimpflug Analyzer

(To map the corneal to extreme precise & accurate readings)

This technology compensates for unintentional misalignment such as blinking or eye movements and allows us to obtain more accurate results. The motion of the eye is tracked with iris pattern recognition which results in a corrected measurement providing outstanding accuracy and precision. This high precision optical system maps the corneal (corneal topography) and three dimensional anterior segment of the eye with the combined advantages of the placido disk technology and the Scheimpflug imaging technology based on a revolving dual-channel Scheimpflug camera and placido imaging.

Abbott WaveScan® WaveFront System

(To provide detailed information on a personalised laser vision correction plan)

This advanced technology has now been applied to correct vision errors. The system measures irregularities of how the eye processes images with unprecedented accuracy and guides the laser in re-shaping and correcting these irregularities of the corneal surface. The highest possible resolution then captures the fingerprint of the eye and enables personalized treatment correction. The AMO WaveScan WaveFront™ System leads the industry for outstanding wavefront acquisition and diagnostic capabilities.

Every eye is unique – as personal as your fingerprint or your DNA. The WaveScan WaveFront system creates a 3-D map that provides detailed information of your vision correction requirements to develop a personalized laser vision correction plan. This technology was originally developed to minimize visual distortions in high powered telescopes when viewing distant objects in space.

Bausch & Lomb’s Orbscan II

(To diagnose for any abnormal corneal shape)

This enables doctors to diagnose abnormal corneal shape more accurately to determine the suitability of a candidate and the treatment that is appropriate for their laser vision correction. Using 3-D corneal mapping and a scanning slit measurement system, the technologically advanced and fully integrated multi-dimensional analysis system provides critical diagnostic information with precision measurements of the anterior (front), posterior (back) segment of the corneal, refractive power and corneal thickness in less than 2 seconds.

Oculus Pentacam® HR

(To dignose for any corneal injuries, irregularities or cataract)

Corneal injuries, irregularities and the severity or classification of cataract are made with extremely clear visibility, increasing the accuracy of a physician’s diagnosis. Using a rotating Scheiempflug camera system and technology, the Pentacam® analyses the entire anterior (front) eye chamber measuring 25,000 points with 50 images on a three-dimensional basis in less than 2 seconds. The rotating measurement system automatically corrects unintentional eye movements during examination and with a high quality resolution optimised optics, provides physicians with an accuracy that was previously unavailable.


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