The iLASIK procedure is the exclusive combination of US FDA-approved technologies – the IntraLase Bladeless flap creation and the VISX Wavefront-Guided treatment.

The VISX Wavefront-Guided procedure is a precise and accurate laser treatment, and represents many years of research, testing and clinical trials to secure approvals from the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Since 2003, the VISX Wavefront-guided procedure has continued to earn US FDA approvals to treat a broad range of vision imperfections possible, including mild to severe myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness) and all types of astigmatism.

An Individualised Treatment

The VISX Wavefront-Guided procedure begins with an individual vision evaluation using the WaveScan system which creates a map of your eyes’ unique imperfections. The VISX Wavefront-guided procedure uses the digital information from that map to design a custom treatment for each of your eyes. This WaveScan map information is then transferred to the VISX STAR S4 IR excimer laser. The laser uses this information to apply a cool laser beam that reshapes your cornea to create a new curvature and correct your vision.

The VISX Wavefront-guided procedure combines a number of technology innovations into a laser vision correction procedure individually customised to each eye.

The WaveScan WaveFront System

Your eyes are as unique as your fingerprint. The VISX Wavefront-Guided procedure addresses your eyes’ distinct characteristics using the WaveScan WaveFront system and the VISX technology’s exclusive mathematical rules (fourier algorithms) to capture each eye’s unique imperfections with great accuracy. Like a topographical map showing the surface features of a landscape, the WaveScan creates a detailed map of your eye’s optical system. The system translates that information into completely personalised digital treatment instructions and sends them directly to the VISX STAR S4 IR Excimer laser system.

VISX Iris Registration

The VISX Wavefront-Guided procedure provides precision in treatment alignment with the VISX Iris Registration, the first US FDA-approved, fully automated method of aligning treatment. It is normal for the pupil to shift positions from the time an eye is measured to the time of treatment. Iris registration technology centres the treatment correctly, regardless of the amount of time between wavefront measurement and laser treatment and independent of changes in the pupil centre from measurement to treatment.

The VISX STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser System

The VISX STAR S4 IR excimer laser system represents an advanced laser technology platform available today. Integrating data collected by the WaveScan WaveFront system, the VISX STAR S4 IR utilises the VISX Iris Registration and other exclusive VISX technologies to deliver advanced precision and enhanced safety. The VISX Wavefront-Guided procedure is not affected by the patient’s eye movement during treatment and minimises correction to only those areas of the cornea that require reshaping.

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